Condom Mistakes You Don't Want to Make ...


You already know that you should be using condoms every time you have sex. But do you know anything else about them? Here are a few mistakes you don't want to make when having sex, brought to you by Health:

1. Forgetting to Check for Damages

Forgetting to Check for Damages

Make sure you check the condom before you use it. If there's even a super small tear in it, then it isn't going to be effective.

Doubling up


Sara R Higgs
You should always keep one on you at all times, at least I think so.
@jennapher it's up to both partners. If you have a long term relationship and have never brought the condoms, you need to step up.
I always have "fresh" condoms in my purse....unprotected sex is no sex, honey...and shouldn't it be the guy's responsibility to have 'em in the first place? Am I supposed to know what size he wears? Or bring S, M, L & XL with ME? He's gotta take some responsibility!
Cindee Schneider
Sex is cleaner with a packaged weiner.
Sorry I had to lol😂
Don't be silly wrap your mans willy lol
If you don't have any just use surround wrap lolJk
Dani Dybalski
You can't unroll a condom before you use it. You'd have to put it on and notice something. If the package is super damaged though it's best not to use it. Also another important thing to mention i...
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