7 Convenient Ways You'd Love to Meet Your Dream Guy ...


How long have you been waiting to meet your dream guy? If you’re getting frustrated that he hasn’t entered your life yet, don’t fret! He could appear anywhere, at any time. While you’re waiting, you can daydream about all the different ways you could potentially meet your dream guy.

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Bookstore Babe

Bookstore Babe You’re browsing through your local bookstore and pick up a book by your favorite author to admire the cover art. As you flip through it, you hear a voice say, “That’s a great one. You should buy it.” You look up and a gorgeous guy with piercing eyes is smiling at you. One of the great ways to meet your dream guy is by having an instant connection. Knowing that you have similar tastes is a good sign for your potential relationship.


Cutie Collision

Cutie Collision You’re walking around campus or the store or the city with your mind on all of the things you have to do that day. When you turn the corner, you don’t notice the attractive man coming toward you. In a moment reminiscent of a romantic comedy, your belongings fly out of your hands and onto the sidewalk. He crouches down to help you while repeatedly apologizing. In order to make up for his mistake, he decides to take you out for dinner.


New to Town

New to Town Whether you’re in high school or a working woman, it’s always exciting when a new boy shows up unexpectedly. You’re used to seeing the same people every day, so it’s a nice change of pace to talk to someone new--especially if that someone is a hot guy. Since he doesn’t know anyone, you volunteer to show him around and explain how things work. When the day is nearing its end, you’ll invite him over to your place, because he’s new and you’re polite. It has absolutely nothing to do with how blue his eyes are. Of course, you’ll end up hitting it off and be the cutest couple around.


Electronic Connection

Electronic Connection Everyone is obsessed with a certain website, whether it’s Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram. Think about all of the people you follow that you wish you knew in real life. They’re funny and gorgeous and would make great pals. Unfortunately, most of them live hundreds of miles away. Imagine if one of the online personalities you love turned out to be your neighbor or classmate? You would get the chance to speak to them in person to see if they’re really as great as their posts make them seem. If they are, it’s time to make a move.


Animal Instincts

Animal Instincts You’ll be out walking your dog when you see a stranger with his own pup. They run toward each other, sniffing and barking, giving you a chance to speak to the owner. Since your pets actually get along, you take it as a good sign from the universe. When you’re about to leave, the cutie gives you his number. He doesn’t admit he likes you, but he says that your pets should set up a doggie date.


Band Boys

Band Boys You and your friends decide to go to a fair or small concert where local bands are playing. When a group full of men your age take the stage, you notice how attractive they all are. Your pals point out that the guy with a guitar strapped to him keeps looking over at you. You don’t believe them, but after their set is over, he approaches you. He compliments the way you were dancing and you compliment his guitar skills. What could be better than a guy in a band?


Sexy Savior

Sexy Savior You trip and twist your ankle or get a scrape across your arm. The accident is highly embarrassing, especially since a sexy stranger saw the whole thing. However, he rushes over to help you and his smile kills the pain. He helps you to your feet and makes sure that you’re okay to walk again. Even though you say you're fine, he doesn’t leave your side until you get to your destination.

Life isn’t always this convenient, but it’s fun to think about the different things fate might have in store for you. Where would you love to run into your dream guy? If you’ve already found him, how did you meet?

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Haha Idk if Dov and the model are either a "dream guy" or a dream "couple" haha

Okay weird much. I just wrote my comment but then that came on. Anyway. It was a night out with some friends who I ended up arguing with so I was on my way home but first I wanted to grab something to eat at the local pizza joint. Walking towards there and when I was almost there this handsome beautiful man came out (works there part time) and we just couldn't stop smiling and staring at each other so there it happened love at first sight :) <3 We finally got the courage to talk to each other after the staring and smiling for some time. He asked for my number before we even knew each other's names. We have been together ever since almost 3 months now ongoing strong <3

I met mine in Driver's Ed!

The first one's the cutest! Nothing's more attractive than an educated guy!

How can I tell if a guy wants a booty call or more

If only...

Someone should do some research on terry Richardson

I second the above comment. I swear you won't ever want to put this picture up again once you know what this guy is about...

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