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Conversation starters for a first date are vitally important to ensuring that your night is successful and leads to a second date.

It's an hour into the date and now the butterflies are gone, the beads of sweat dry and your cheeks are no longer blushing. Now what? The well may seem dry conversation-wise, but a few of these conversation starters for a first date just might create a spark!

1. The Most Embarrassing Moment

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This should create laughter, and that's a good thing! This is one of my favorite conversation starters for a first date.

What Would Be Better? Being Bubbly and Ugly or Boring and Attractive?


Kayla Stripling
So i told him that i basically thought it was rude not to text back. Have the decency to text back whether or not i may or may not like what he has to say. Blah blah. He text back and says sorry been ...
Kayla Stripling
I just figured he was busy. Well short story short, i said something to him and he never texted me. Not all morning, or night. I was worried. I’m thinking he didn’t like what i said.
Kayla Stripling
So i met this guy online and we started off as great! We exchanged phone numbers and talked all night the night before. The next day he sent m the β€œgood morning beautiful” text, the one we all love. Well we were talking on and off through out the day
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