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How awful are those silent moments with a new date? It’s awkward because you are a long way from that special time in your relationship when you can happily share silence and be comfortable. Don’t scratch about thinking of things to say – try these:

1. Weather

It might seem boring and cliché, but think about it this way, on a first date the only thing you know 100% that you are going to have in common is that you have been sharing the same weather. It won’t be a deep conversation on the surface of things, but talking about the weather can branch off in to more interesting conversations about your favorite outdoor activities, holidays and any number of topics!

School Days


I once played "ask anything" it can be risky. But learn a lot & was fun. Only rule was you couldn't flip a question back on the asker, had to re-phrase the question or ask on a different turn.
Beryl Stokes
Try asking which was the worst holiday he has ever taken. Usually leads to a few laughs.
Ask him what kind of music he is into.
Grace Oburu
I am one for current affairs and sports. Within no time, you would be engaged in a very serious discussion like people who have actually known each other for so long! It also makes a man very happy to...
No User
I agree family is a great topic; it can show you a lot about a man. Then talking about what kind of food he likes can be helpful if you want to cook a meal later. I love it!
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