7 Fail-Proof Convo Starters for Girls Who Wanna Text Him First ...


7 Fail-Proof Convo Starters for Girls Who Wanna Text Him First ...
7 Fail-Proof Convo Starters for Girls Who Wanna Text Him First ...

It doesn't matter if your crush is your BFF or if you've never actually sent him a message before, because there are conversation starters for every type of relationship. In 2015, it's not unusual to text someone, despite how well you know them. That's why you shouldn't be shy, and should send out that message you've been dying to send. If you're not exactly sure about what you should write, here are a few conversation starters you can use to text your crush:

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What Are You Doing? Other than Thinking about Me

This isn't a text you want to send someone that you barely know. However, it works well when you're trying to get out of the friend zone with a guy, or if you want to let a casual acquaintance know that you're interested in dating. Even though you're not bluntly admitting that you have feelings for him, he'll get the picture.


Have You Ever Seen Supernatural? One of the Actors Reminds Me of You

This conversation starter will kill two birds with one stone. It'll let him know he's on your mind, and it'll get you two talking about a fun show. Plus, when he asks you why the actor reminds you of him, you can explain that Dean is just the hottest guy you've ever seen. Of course, you can replace Supernatural with any television show or movie you'd like.


I Bet My Weekend Was Better than Your Weekend

Men love competition. Sending a message like this will get him instantly interested in the conversation. Just make sure that you can follow it up with an exciting story. Otherwise, the conversation can die down as quickly as it started up.


Please Tell Me You Know What the HW is for Tonight

This isn't a flirty conversation starter, but it'll get you two talking. If you're not ready to admit that you like him, then this is the way to go. As long as you're actually in the same class, then he won't find it weird that you're asking for his help.


I Forgot to Tell You How Amazing You Looked Today

If you're a bold beauty, then you can use this line as a conversation starter. If you just want to talk to your crush, but have nothing of importance to talk about, then this will work wonders. Just make sure that you use it on a day you actually saw him. If you don't, then he might assume you've been stalking him.


Have You Heard Anything about Trainwreck?

If you ask your crush if he's heard any reviews about a certain movie (specifically one that is currently playing in theaters), then he might ask you to go see it with him. Even if he doesn't, it should get you two talking for a while.


My Phone’s Been Acting Weird. Did I Accidentally Call You?

After he tells you that you didn't actually call him, you can say, "Oh, sorry. So anyway, it's been a while. How have you been?" He might see through the charade and realize that you lied to start a conversation, but he should be flattered, not insulted.

If you want to talk to your crush, don't wait until you see him in person to do so. Shoot him a quick text and get flirty! What other casual conversation starters can you think of?

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Really good ideas!! Thanks :)

A healthy relationship requires dialogue,connecting,support,trust,empathy and understanding the other person's perspective

Hahaha number 7 :D who calls people on purpose 😅

@Samantha exactly,

Just say hey and start a convo

Supernatural and Dean all da way 😍😍

all of them sounded stupid

lol I agree with @samantha

These are pretty funny

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