10 Conversations πŸ’­ to Have πŸ‘« before You Get Married πŸ’ ...

Relationships are hard. Even the best ones are difficult at times, but there are some conversations to have before marriage that will help you start this new chapter off on the right foot. As a newly engaged couple, you might feel you and your partner know each other inside and out. Sure, there are the no-brainer topics like religion, children and where you want to live. There are some other topics, though, that can make or break a marriage. A quick glance at these conversation starters will have you walking down the path to complete coupledom in no time. So, here are some conversations to have before marriage.

1. How do Your Parents Manage Their Money?

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It might seem surprising to ask about how your significant other’s relatives work, but there are a couple issues at play here. People learn about money management as a child, usually from their parents. While some people will try to do the exact opposite of what they were taught, others will copy those money management skills to a tee. Either way, it's important for you to know. If your partner’s mom had terrible spending habits, which he opposes, he may become agitated when you shop. On the other hand, if your partner’s dad always had multiple maxed out credit cards, your new husband may have the same habit. One more reason this is important – when a family member dies, their debt can be passed on. While you do not need to know the exact state of his family’s financials, a general idea is not bad to have. How you'll handle money is one of the most important conversations to have before marriage.

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