8 Cool Facts about Love ...


8 Cool Facts about Love ...
8 Cool Facts about Love ...

Facts about love are like love itself – fun, surprising, and totally captivating! Now, don’t pretend like you’ve never searched for these and that there isn’t an interesting love fact good enough to capture your attention! You know why? Because these following relationship facts aren’t only cute, but really good to know and even useful! Check them out and see for yourself:

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Roses Symbolize Love

This first on my list of facts about love may not come as a surprise for most but is good to know nevertheless! Like, did you know red roses are not the only ones your loved one can use to express his or her appreciation for you? Red roses are a symbol of passion, pink roses symbolize desire, white ones stand for devotion, while a rose without thorns often represents love at first sight. Pretty interesting, isn’t it? Not to mention super useful in case your loved one doesn’t share your love for red roses or finds them too predictable or too cliche!


Unreturned Love Can Actually Cause Physical Pain

All that “achy-breaky-heart” stuff is very real, ladies, and we’re talking about scientifically proven facts here! A research conducted on college students finally revealed the main reason for that ugly feeling we get during the post brake-up phase, and I’ll skip the medical terms again and give it to you plain and simple! Part of the brain that registers physical pain is, as it turned out, stimulated in these cases which means the pain we feel goes beyond imaginary. It’s a sad relationship fact for sure, but a good one to have at hand in case you’re looking for an excuse to eat a family pack of ice-cream all by yourself.


Love is Healthy

Now, this next fact about love may not be tested on students but it sure is a good one to know! Did you know that being in love can actually help stimulate one’s nervous system and improve one’s memory? I sure didn’t! But hey, don’t worry if your hubby proves to be an exception to this rule. Mine totally is and I’m sure he loves me. Plus, there is another interesting love fact to remember and that is that men who start their day with a kiss from their wives live longer than their less emotional or single buddies! Ha! Now that's a great one to pull out during the argument. "Be nice to me or I won't kiss you and then you'll live a shorter life!" Geez, I'm as romantic as a lawn mower, I know!


Love and Lust Are Not the Same

Contrary to many beliefs, love and lust are not only two completely separate emotions but two completely separate brain activities as well! But let’s use those simplified medical stuff – shall we? You see, lust is more of an erotic feeling registered in the parts of brain controlling hunger, thirst and arousal while love is more like an addiction - an euphoric feeling caused by the increased levels of dopamine. Gee, hope I got that right! And I hope these facts about love will help you realize you’re not to blame in case things haven’t really worked out with the last boyfriend despite his Hollywood façade! Lust is great, of course, but the combination of both love and lust is waaaay better!


Love Can Be Forever

Some say love is a chemical reaction, a stimulus that lasts a few years, gradually fading away until it’s completely gone… Well, time to hit the “wrong answer” buzzer because there is such thing as a forever kind of love! And although that dopamine rush tends to wear off after about a year, there are all kinds of cool stuff going on in lovers’ brains, easing the way for that comfy, soothing feeling of knowing that they have found their soul mates. The obsessive, euphoric feeling of romantic love is gone but the action moves to the areas of brain associated with long-term commitment, replacing one great feeling with an even better one!


Men Aren’t as Flexible as We Thought

Speaking about interesting facts about relationships and love– you might be surprised to learn that men aren’t so eager to kiss their expectations and standards good-bye, especially when it comes to long-term relationships! And while a nice rack and a set of super model legs might prove to be everything a girl needs to have in order to be considered dateable, she will have to demonstrate a set of qualities that have nothing to do with good looks in order to win his heart forever! And what does that tell us? Huh, ladies? Personality is what counts the most!


Danger and Love Walk Hand in Hand

Okay, well this may easily be one of the most interesting facts about love ever and I’m sure you’ll find a way to use it! So here it is! Scientists have managed to tie dangerous situations to intense romantic feelings proving that two people are more likely to fall in love if they meet in a dangerous setting! But hey, I guess ladies who ended up marrying firemen that saved them from a burning building already know that! No need to get careless with your gas heater, though – a positively frightening roller coaster ride on a first date will do!


Antidepressants and Love Shouldn’t Be Mixed

Hope you’re not taking any because, if you do, this next relationship fact definitely won’t be what you want to hear! These medications affect our mood and help us calm down by increasing our serotonin levels which can, according to scientists, prove to be detrimental for love kicks! Less dopamine equals weaker romantic love craze, they say, pointing out that anti depressants can dull your emotions and weaker the intensity of all those feelings romantic love is about.

Have you heard about some of these facts about love before and is there a love fact or fact about relationships you want to share? Go ahead! I’m sure you’ve got something interesting right there!

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Ive been in love twice and one I ment one my fist roller coster ride...the other first told me he lived me after I calmed him down in a life threating situation

So antidepressants reduce feelings of love? >-< I'm screwed.

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