7 Cunningly Subtle Ways to Initiate Sex ...


Ways to Initiate Sex subtly might be difficult to start if you aren't used to dropping hints that you want to get down to business. Initiating sex isn't always the boy's job ladies – if you are ready, why not give off some hints? Below, I've got some of the best subtle ways to initiate sex that will leave your man wanting more. Initiating sex can be hard for some girls, but if you keep in mind that you have to find your own ways to initiate sex, you should be fine!

1. Hints

Whenever you are trying to find a way to tell your man that you are interested in sex, why not leave him some little hints? Drop little words, give little looks, touch him in just the right way. These are all little subtle ways to initiate sex to let him know that you're interested!

Subtle Touches


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