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7 Cunningly Subtle Ways to Initiate Sex ...

By Heather

Ways to Initiate Sex subtly might be difficult to start if you aren't used to dropping hints that you want to get down to business. Initiating sex isn't always the boy's job ladies – if you are ready, why not give off some hints? Below, I've got some of the best subtle ways to initiate sex that will leave your man wanting more. Initiating sex can be hard for some girls, but if you keep in mind that you have to find your own ways to initiate sex, you should be fine!

1 Hints

Whenever you are trying to find a way to tell your man that you are interested in sex, why not leave him some little hints? Drop little words, give little looks, touch him in just the right way. These are all little subtle ways to initiate sex to let him know that you're interested!

2 Subtle Touches

Speaking of subtle touches, these are one of the greatest ways to initiate sex because you're feeling him, making a connection. Just a simple touch on your man's thigh, his knee, his hand can make all of the difference! You could even try kissing him passionately too, it works!

3 Act on the Mood

Whenever you are looking for ways to initiate sex, you have to act on the mood. If you are in the mood – just tell him. Sometimes, being blunt actually can work wonders!

4 Teasing

While teasing might seem like foreplay, it is actually one of the greatest ways to initiate sex, you just have to do it just right. A bite to the ear, a passionate kiss, a soft kiss to the neck – these are all teasing ways to let him know you're in the mood! Seriously ladies, this one works awesome.

5 Racy Talking

If you really want to get your man's blood boiling, just start the dirty talk. While most of the time, it's saved for behind closed doors, why not bring it out into the open when it's just the two of you? Let him know how much you want him.

6 Lingerie

I think lingerie is definitely a great way to initiate sex. It lets him know that you're in the mood, gives away that you're ready and shows off your sexy bod! Just slip into something you love and instantly, watch how quickly he's turned on.

7 Notes

I love leaving the Better Half little notes all over. It's a great way to communicate how much you want your boy and how much they turn you on. Heck, it could even become a game – who can leave the most notes?

Finding the right ways to initiate sex can be hard in the beginning. Once you get the hang of it, I promise ladies, you'll never go back to just waiting for him! What are some of the ways to initiate sex that you use? Any tricks?

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