2. Post-It Notes

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You can leave a Post-It note here or there for your sweetie or you can go above and beyond and take a whole pad of Post Its and write out all the reasons you love your partner, one reason on each piece of paper. Leave the Post-Its stuck all over a wall or a door so that when they come home there is a giant colorful surprise waiting for them!

Scavenger Hunt


Gabriella Sophia
@Emily Rose I think if you're going on a break, with the chance of being together after, set ground rules so no-one gets hurt by the other doing something.
shereen gul
These tips r interesting.....
Sonali Saujani
I wrote a wallet note for my fiancΓ© and the meanie threw it away...by mistake apparently! Lol...needless to say he is not getting another one!! And to the girls asking about break ups, my fiancΓ© an...
This is cute.. :) thanks!
And one more idea I used is sending sexy text message.
Joyce Lou
Thanks a lot for these :).. Got new ideas.simple thing but very romantic :)
Honey H
Thanks for the tips. :) Probably can do some of those when I find someone special. I love the scavenger hunt idea. I used to play that a lot with my sisters when we were small kids. Didn't cross my mind to do it romantically. Nice :)
Emily Rose
@elizabeth ^ I was wondering the same thing. My boyfriend and I have been fighting a lot. Like a lot a lot and we we've been contemplating if a break was the best thing to do.
@elizabeth how do you feel after the break if you don't mind me asking.
I personally love this!! My boyfriend and I are just getting back after spend ding two years together and a three month break up so these are ways I can remind him my heart still belongs to him!!!!
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