17 Cute Names to save Your BF as in Your Phone ...


17 Cute Names to save Your BF as in Your Phone ...
17 Cute Names to save Your BF as in Your Phone ...

You don't want to list your boyfriend by his real name on your phone. How boring is that? You should change it to something cute and exciting. If you don't have a special nickname for him that you can use, here are a few fun names to list your boyfriend as on your phone:

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Rated R

person,mouth,screenshot,interaction, If your conversations are always naughty, then this is how you should list your boyfriend on your phone. That way, no one will look at your text messages. They'll know that it's not meant for their eyes.


In the article "17 Cute Names to Save Your BF as in Your Phone," published on a women-focused blog in the category of love, the author suggests using the name "Rated R" to save your boyfriend's contact in your phone if your conversations tend to be on the naughty side. This name serves as a discreet way to keep your private conversations private and avoid any awkward situations if someone happens to see your text messages. This tip can be especially useful for those who have nosy friends or family members who like to snoop through their phone.


Prince [NAME]

clergy, This way, you'll still have his name listed on your phone. It'll just be written in a cutesy way.


My Future Husband

screenshot, If you're in a super serious relationship that you plan on continuing for the rest of your life, you can give him this name. You can even put a ring emoji next to it.


My One and Only

people, This is a way to remind him that he's the only person you ever want to be with. There's no one else for you.


My One and Only is the perfect nickname to give your boyfriend in your phone. It's a way to show him that you only want to be with him and no one else. This nickname is especially meaningful if you've been together for a while and have gone through a lot together. It's a way to show him that you still feel the same way about him as when you first started dating.

My One and Only is also a great way to remind yourself of the commitment you've made to your relationship. It's a reminder of the promises you've made to each other and the commitment you have to keep. It's a way to show your boyfriend that you're still just as devoted to him as when you first started dating.

My One and Only is a nickname that will make your boyfriend feel special and loved. It's a reminder of how much you care for him and how much you appreciate him. It's a way to show him that you still feel the same way about him as when you first started dating.



person,muscle,mouth,sense,interaction, You can playfully use this name if he's always causing you trouble. Of course, you could also save this name for your ex instead.



person,interaction, This sounds ridiculous, but it's a cute way to list your boyfriend on your phone. After all, it's pretty accurate. He always makes you smile, doesn't he?


Having a special nickname for your boyfriend on your phone is a great way to show your love and affection for him. It also serves as a reminder of how important he is to you. Your boyfriend may be the one who always makes you smile, so why not make him the "Smile-Maker" in your phone contacts?

Adding a special nickname to your boyfriend's contact info is a fun way to personalize your phone and make it more meaningful. It's also a great way to let him know that he is always on your mind. You can even make it extra special by adding a photo of the two of you together or a romantic quote to accompany the nickname.

You can also use the nickname as a way to remind yourself of the special moments you have shared together. It's a great way to look back on the past and cherish the memories you have made together.

Having a special nickname for your boyfriend on your phone is also an easy way to show your friends and family how much you care about him. When you show off your phone, your friends and family will be able to see just how much you love him.


Brown Eyes

people,romance,photo shoot,interaction, Of course, if he has green eyes, that's how you should list him instead. You don't want him thinking you're cheating on him with a brown-eyed boy.


Cuddle Buddy

human action,person,mouth,muscle,sleep, If your favorite part of the day is when you get into bed and cuddle him, then this name is perfect.


The Boyfriend

meal,sense,lunch, This is right to the point, but don't you love hearing that name? "Boyfriend" has such a sweet ring to it.


For many people, the term "boyfriend" carries a special significance. It is a sign of commitment and a shared connection between two people. It is also a reminder of the special moments that two people have shared together.

The phrase "boyfriend" is often used to refer to a significant other in a romantic relationship, but it can also be used to refer to a close friend or even a family member. It is a term of endearment and affection that can be used to express appreciation and love for someone special.

Having a boyfriend can bring a sense of security and comfort to a person. It can be a source of strength and support during difficult times. It can also be a source of joy and laughter during happy times.

When it comes to saving someone's name in your phone, it is important to choose a name that reflects the special relationship that you have with them. The name "boyfriend" is a great way to show your appreciation for someone special. After all, it is a term that conveys a strong sense of love and commitment.


Heart Throb

vehicle,cycle sport,mode of transport,freestyle bmx,sports, If you go crazy every time you look at your man, then this is a great name to call him.


Lady Killer

camel,natural environment,desert,sahara,landscape, If he's a player that decided to be with you and only you, then this is the perfect way to describe him.


My Whole World

people,mshihi..il, If he's the most important part of your world, then that's what you should call him.



guitarist, You can never go wrong by quoting Shakespeare. Of course, if you list him as this, then he should list you as Juliet. Hopefully, you two will just have a happier ending than they did.


My Soulmate

, If you believe in soulmates, then this is the biggest compliment you can give him. It means that you think you two were destined to be together.



human action,person,black and white,photography,monochrome photography, He's yours, isn't he? Then you should give him this name, so that everyone who sees your phone knows that he's off limits!


Give your beau a name that marks his exclusive status in your life. How about something like My Treasure or Heart's Keeper? It's like wrapping him up in a virtual hug every time you call or text. Plus, it's a subtle reminder to the world—and maybe to those nosy friends—that he's your special someone. Stay adorably possessive, and let the love speak through your phone contact list!


My Density

George,George,McFly,lim,your, If you want to give him a silly name, then try using this one. Any fan of Back to the Future will adore it!



human action,facial expression,face,person,nose, If you're a fan of "The Fault in Our Stars," then you can list him under this or as "okay." They're both adorable references!

Now you have a few different things you can call your boyfriend. What name is your boyfriend currently listed as on your phone?

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Hubbi/hubby and boo😊

Babe, cause I never call him by his real name unless I'm furious lol !

this is cute

Loving h :)

When I get a bf I will def be using one of these names


for now i have it listed as my fiancée, once we're married it will be my hubby, obviously :D

This article is sooo cute. I would definitely use #'s 3, 4, 8, and 14. Unless i can get creative and have my own personal nickname for him. 😊

Or his actual name :p

Its "tweety" :-P

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