4. Play-Attack Them

If it's your significant other that you need to apologize to, playfully attack them until they forgive you. By this I mean with kisses, hugs, and tickling! Who is going to be able to stay mad at you when you're acting that darn cute?

Obviously don't go overboard on this or else you may make the situation even worse. Start small and work your way up. If this just seems to agitate him more, try another "I'm Sorry" idea. This one is best for when your guy has had some time to relax after whatever made him mad.

Use Puppy Dog Eyes


@Janet L Davis it can be used for adults. you don't always have to be serious and mature in a relationship. hence the term 'cute'.
Those are cute ideas!
Heather Jensen
Hi Janet! I think this is for teens. :)
Janet L Davis
Wow. . . . . . . I'm pretty sure grown women need not use these tactics.....now teenagers????
Celes Herrera Moreno
@SHENG i love it
Chelsea Rose
@SHENG bab
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