5. Use Puppy Dog Eyes

There's a reason why puppies get away with so much when they're young. When you yell at them, they give you those big puppy dog eyes that melt your heart. Sit next to the person you need to apologize to, and randomly look over at them with puppy dog eyes and a sad lip.

Do this until they notice you and will most likely laugh. Then say "I'm sorry," but continue staring at them with puppy dog eyes until they cheer up enough to accept your apology. If they don't do it then, just keep giving them the puppy dog face every time you see them. It will eventually become to humorous and cute to not accept your apology.

Dress up


@Janet L Davis it can be used for adults. you don't always have to be serious and mature in a relationship. hence the term 'cute'.
Those are cute ideas!
Heather Jensen
Hi Janet! I think this is for teens. :)
Janet L Davis
Wow. . . . . . . I'm pretty sure grown women need not use these tactics.....now teenagers????
Celes Herrera Moreno
@SHENG i love it
Chelsea Rose
@SHENG bab
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