5. They Put Their Phones down

In our modern world of technology, most of us have our phones either in our hand or close at hand. If you watch happy couples, you’ll notice that they’re the same way with one big exception. When their partner talks to them, they put down their phone. They give each other their full attention. They let each other know that they matter more than anything on social media.

They Stay Connected Throughout the Day


Going on three years and he still never ceases to suprise me:) I think that's important as well. I love how in sync we are and not a single fight it's pure bliss:)
We've been together for half a year. We don't have each other's number. But we work in the same uni.
Snapchat* we have been together for over one and half year certain things didn't change he lies and covers up pitty things any reason why he does so?
So me and my boyfriend are 16-17 years old tho and we completely put down Facebook and snapchay except for instagram ... We both did this and we are happier now or we would fight constantly over issue...
Yes :-) @ Mrs Weekes
Mrs Weekes
Its the little things
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