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17 Damaging Insecurities Stopping Your Relationship from Moving Forward ...

By Alicia

Do you love your man but feel like your relationship should be going a little deeper? It’s possible you have some damaging insecurities that’re stopping it from going to the next level. So what’s a girl to do? Go through this list and see which ones ring true for you so you know exactly what you need to work on.

1 You’re Tempted to Check His Phone 📱

You’re Tempted to Check His Phone 📱 Being tempted to check your boyfriend’s phone can be a sign of some inner insecurity. Trust is what relationships are built on so you need to have faith in him. If you have valid reasons to be suspect him of cheating, it’s a little different. Even then, it’s better to approach him honestly and ask for the truth rather than sneaking around behind his back.

2 You Watch Him like a Hawk around Other Girls

person, interaction, Listen, this habit can drive you crazy- and make you look insecure. It’s easy to see when someone doesn’t trust their man because they do this. If your boyfriend is flirtatious with other women then you have an issue. If not, work on breaking this habit and trusting him.


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3 You Play Games when It Comes to Expressing Your Feelings 🎲

face, person, nose, male, head, Ok, girls. I’m going to be real here. Guys don’t get it when you try to play games with them to get them to understand you. Most of that is going to go right over his head. Try the direct approach and things will go much better.

4 You Lack Confidence

entertainment, performing arts, musical theatre, choreography, Most of us don’t feel like a beauty queen every day of our lives. But you can still have confidence in yourself. Look in the mirror and make it a point to notice three things you love about yourself. It’s important to work on having confidence. It’s something that guys can’t resist in a woman!

5 You Aren’t Real with Him 🎭

human hair color, hair, face, nose, person, Be yourself! Pretending to be someone you’re not is dishonest and furthermore, downright exhausting. Believe in yourself and allow him to get to know the wonderful person you are.

6 You Keep Trying to “Improve Him”

speech, performing arts, stage, musical theatre, screenshot, Want to add stress to your relationship? This will certainly do the trick. Here’s the real deal, ladies. You can’t ever change a guy and he’ll resent you for trying. He can change some things about himself but it has to be him that makes that choice.

7 You Focus on the Negative Vs the Positive in Your Relationship 👎

hair, face, nose, hairstyle, head, I firmly believe that what you focus on grows. Focus on the negative and you’ll see more of it. The same thing is true when you focus on the positive. Make the choice to look for the good in your relationship.

8 You Haven’t Dealt with Emotional Baggage from the past 💼

screenshot, jungle, Past relationships can leave a bad taste in your mouth. But if you carry that over into your present relationship there’s going to be trouble. Realize your current boyfriend isn’t your ex-boyfriend. Don’t let insecurity rob you of enjoying what you have.

9 You’ve Given up Your Hobbies to Focus on Him 🎻

hair, face, person, blond, hairstyle, Bad move, sister. You need to continue being your own unique person even when you’re in a relationship. That means not your neglecting your hobbies and interests.

10 You Man Bash with Your Gal Pals

You Man Bash with Your Gal Pals This can feel good in the moment but it also really brings you down. ⬇ It makes you focus on the negative and forget all the amazing things about your man. When the man bashing starts, take that opportunity to brag on your man. You’ll be the envy of all your friends!

11 You’re Afraid to Talk to Him about Issues in Your Relationship 😱

hair, face, person, woman, beauty, Every relationship is going to have bumps in the road. Ignoring them will only make them worse. You need to feel secure enough in your relationship to be comfortable talking with your boyfriend.

12 You Compare Your Relationship to Others

person, fashion, abdomen, photo shoot, model, Not only is this a sign of insecurity, it’s inaccurate. When you compare your relationship to that of others’, you’re only seeing one small part of their relationship. You aren’t seeing the part hidden behind closed doors. You can’t make a true comparison because you can’t see the full picture.

13 You Have Negative Self Talk 😣

screenshot, interaction, This’s an insecurity, for sure. Not only that but it’s always going to make you feel badly about yourself. Resolve to work on having a positive inner voice. Challenge yourself to see the good in yourself, about your appearance and your inner person.

14 You Depend on Him for Everything

person, mouth, screenshot, It’s okay to depend on your guy. But always have the ability to look out for yourself. Independence and confidence go hand in hand in making you a strong, sexy woman!

15 You Overanalyze Everything 😥

person, Here’s the scoop. Men are generally very literal creatures meaning they say just exactly what they mean. Therefore, there’s no need to analyze what’s behind his words and torture yourself. Take what he says at face value and leave it at that.

16 You’re Clingy

face, person, nose, image, man, Being clingy sends a strong message that you’re insecure. While this can be nice at first, it can get old to a guy. It’s perfectly okay to be affectionate and loving. Just allow some space in there for him to breathe.

17 You Chase Him Instead of Letting Him Chase You

sense, meal, This goes along with giving him space to breathe. It’s great to let a guy know you’re interested. You can ask him out the same as he can ask you. However, you want to make sure that you leave some room for him to chase you. Most guys prefer it this way. On top of that, being the one always chasing him can leave you feeling pretty yucky.

These’re 17 signs that you have some damaging insecurities that’re keeping your relationship from going to the next level. Do you see yourself in many of these? If so, not to worry! They’re absolutely things you can change about yourself.

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