Fun Dates to Lose Weight Together and Keep Your Romance on FireπŸ’“πŸ”₯ ...

Traditional date ideas consist of movies, restaurants or going out for dessert, and unfortunately none of those activities promote a healthy lifestyle. And if you are trying to get into shape and shed a few pounds, you have to eliminate opportunities for getting off track. That means to stop using date nights as an excuse to treat yourself. There are plenty of fun date ideas that will not only strengthen the bond between the two of you but also your body and muscles.

1. Try out Rock Climbing to Burn Calories While Having Some Thrilling Fun

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As a way of switching things up, take your significant other for a climb up the wall! Rock climbing is a great cardiovascular workout that can approximately burn around 500-900 calories in an hour if breaks are kept to a minimum. It also guarantees you an experience that your body won’t let you forget for several days after. So give your upper body a work out the fun way!

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