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7 Date Night Ideas for Parents ...

By Bridget

Being a parent is one of the greatest joys in life, but sometimes a night off is both needed and deserved, which is why I highly recommend these date night ideas. My husband and I are both big fans of date nights, as they give us a chance to reconnect with one another. If you and your significant other need a night off, try one of these date night ideas and enjoy some blissful time with one another.

1 Go to Dinner

I know that this is probably the most obvious of all of the date night ideas, but it is certainly worth being mentioned. As a parent, you become so used to cooking and cleaning up after other people, and sometimes it is nice to have someone else do the cooking and cleaning up for you. Head to one of your favorite restaurants, or try some place new, as long as you and your loved one can dine together and enjoy some adult conversation.

2 Head to the Movies

This is probably the second most obvious idea for a date night, but again, it is certainly worth mentioning. Since having our child, the only movies that my husband and I ever really get to watch revolve around animated characters, so sometimes it is nice to be able to actually watch a movie that has some adult content that we can relate to.

3 Go to a Play Place

How many times do you and your better half take your kids to a play place? It always looks like your kids are having so much fun, but you guys can’t really get into the games because you have to keep an eye on your kids. On a night off, how about heading to a play place together? You can practice your mini golf put, you can race on go-karts, take out some aggression in bumper cars, or track each other down while playing some laser tag.

4 Night at the Museum

If you enjoy taking in art or observing historic relics, how about going to a museum on your date night? You will have the chance to observe whatever works you are looking at without being interrupted by bored kids who are bugging you to leave.

5 Go Bar Hopping

Now, I am not suggesting that you hit the bars like you did back in college, but you and your other half can certainly enjoy a night out on the town, enjoying some adult beverages at more low-key bars than the ones that you went to during your college years. You’ll probably end up having a lot of laughs with one another and you’ll get the chance to enjoy some tasty beverages.

6 See a Play

When was the last time that you got to go to the theater? And I am not talking about seeing Sesame Street Live, either. How about going to see a play on your date night? There are tons of hit shows out, so why not enjoy one on your date night?

7 Go to a Concert

I am sure that you and your other half have certain bands or performers who you love. Go ahead and purchase tickets to one of their shows the next time they are in your area, arrange for a babysitter and sing and dance the night away to some live music. You are sure to have a fun and memorable time.

Do you reserve time for date nights? What are some things that you like to do?

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