8 Date Night Ideas That Won't Break the Bank ...


8 Date Night Ideas That Won't Break the Bank ...
8 Date Night Ideas That Won't Break the Bank ...

A lot of you are probably interested in cheap date ideas. Date nights sometimes can be pushed aside due to many things: money, children, careers, zombies... the list goes on! However, today I'm hoping to help with finding some affordable date ideas that won't have you giving up your first born but that are still super fun. Below are my top 8 cheap date ideas that are not only fun, but they are for everyone!

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Carnival or Local Amusement Park

Almost all of us have local carnivals or amusement parks that are running all year round. Check into the cost of visiting one evening, as most give a discounted rate for the last 2 or 3 hours before closing. Hit the rides, savor some deep fried food, take some silly candid shots (so you can be reminded of the fun time for days to come) and end the evenings with a romantic Ferris wheel ride. This is just one of the top cheap date ideas that is so much fun!


Dessert Date

Almost everyone thinks of dinner when they think of a date night. Why not change things up and make it a dessert date, getting together a little later in the evening? Find a local eatery that has a brilliant dessert menu and go for a warm bevey and a decadent dessert. Think about ordering a trio of petit fours and sharing them between you both. Nothing says love like sharing chocolate. This is an inexpensive date night idea that is super delish!


Movie Night

...and I don't mean at your local theatre! This movie night you'll be able to wear your lingerie to, without getting arrested. Stay in, order a movie, pop some popcorn, over indulge in gummy bears and smarties and even end the inexpensive date night idea with a date breakfast. That is of course if he is smart enough to let you choose the movie.


Jazz Bar

Often forgotten about but never a disappointment, a perfect date night idea is relaxing at your local jazz bar. Dim lighting, smooth music, and mellow crowd, the best atmosphere to really enjoy your date. Nothing will set the background of a "love at first sight" moment like that of a jazz bar. Most of the time, this inexpensive date night idea won't cost you more than a beverage price!


Ice Skating/Roller Skating

I've given you two inexpensive date night ideas here. Both similar, but one will take you on a perfect summer date and the other a cozy winter date. Nothing says 'I love you' like a man catching you as you fall. Split on some skates and tap into your childhood, if a man can be silly with you, he is a keeper.


Winery/Brewery Tour

There is just something magical about wineries, on that I am sure you all can agree, and I don't mean that you walk away with a sway to your steps. Sipping on fine wine while learning a little about how it was made is a perfect, inexpensive date night idea. Not a wine fan, then may I suggest a local brewery or brew house?


Museum/Art Gallery Tour

You may be surprised at how much you and your date will actually enjoy walking through the halls of an art gallery. There is something neat about discussing what pieces you'll probably never be able to afford and where you might place it in your future Italian villa. It might give you some good insight on what this man is all about deep down or if he has no interest in the work of an artistic genius. Therefore your next date, if he's lucky enough to get one, will not be a reenactment of Ghost. Note taken.


Comedy Club

The first way to a man's heart may be through his stomach, however the second way is no doubt through his girlish giggle? Wait...what? All men love a good laugh, and therefore a fabulous inexpensive date night idea is a local comedy club. What better way to fall in love than over shared drinks and laughs? I know this would be the first way to my heart. If the night goes sour... at least you can laugh about it.

Finding inexpensive date night ideas is not easy. I hope today I was able to shed some light on some fun date night ideas that won't leave him clinging to his last nickles and dimes. Even though us woman are worth the money spent, sometimes a cheap date idea is always appreciated on the man flipping the bill. Tell me, did I miss anything that you would like to share?

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PLS HELP IM IN 8 grade and I like this boy. Not sure if he likes me back. We used to talk so much last year. Now we text and them its awkward at school the next day.

these are great ideas! ;D

@Alexa, no worries - if he is texting you are good. Awkwardness just because it's 8 grade;) So this is good sign ;)

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