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There are some date night must haves you need to know about before your next date. The right essentials can help you have the date night you're dreaming of. You want your mind to be on what a great time you are having and your totally handsome date, not if you dressed right or have what you need. Let’s go over these date night must haves.

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The Right Outfit

Of course the right outfit makes the list for date night must haves. But the trick here is that there isn’t one certain kind of outfit you need to make your date night a success. The right outfit will vary depending on what activities your date will consist of. For most dates, a cute dress or skinny jeans and a pretty top would be great. What you choose should show your personality and also be something that looks great on you.


Sexy Shoes

Sexy shoes are a definite date night must have. Shoes make an outfit. Of course you will want to stick to athletic shoes if your guy is taking you rock climbing or on some other athletic adventure. But if your date is more along the lines of normal activities, you have many options in shoes. There are many sexy heels as well as boots and even flats that would be perfect for a date night.


Your Makeup Bag

Your makeup bag is a date night must have. You want to pack everything you need to do a touch up. For most women this would include pressed powder, mascara and a lipstick. Perfume is also nice to carry to reapply throughout your evening. Whether or not you need to reapply your perfume depends on the staying power it has.


A Hair Emergency Kit

A hair emergency kit is another date night must have. You know what happens. You leave the house with your hair perfectly curled or straightened and either the rain, wind or humidity takes a toll. A hair emergency kit can really come in handy here. Pack a hair band, some bobby pins, a comb or brush and maybe a mini hairspray.


Mints or Gum

Mints or gum are nice to have along, too. No one wants to take the chance of having bad breath on a date. Even if you brush, floss and rinse before you leave the house, he could take you somewhere where garlic is a main ingredient in the food. Having mints or gum will have you covered if that happens. It helps you make sure you have a wonderful goodnight kiss.



It is always important to carry cash on you when you go on a date. Even if he is doing all the paying, you don’t want to not have money of your own. He could expect you to foot the bill. Even if he is a gentleman who intends to pay, you want to know you are prepared to do so if you have to. If the date is going very poorly, you may want to catch a cab and go home.


Your Cell

Your cell is important to carry on a date for several reasons. If you feel the need to bail, it is a lot easier to do so when you can call a friend to come pick you up. Your loved ones can reach you if there is an emergency. And you have a layer of safety when you carry your phone. The chances are very low that you are in danger but there are a few creeps out there that you might need to get away from quickly.

What are your thoughts? What are the date night must haves for you? Let’s compare answers.

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I must agree the cellphone exert is a bit funny. This is the 21 century nobody leaves gone without it.

It's funny because most guys will disagree on most of this stuff. They don't want a girl with lots of makeup or too much perfume. I think it's better to show as much as the real you as possible. Also the cellphone that is silly. These days nobody leaves without a cellphone.

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