7 Dating Books That'll Rejuvenate Your Dates ...


It’s official: dating books are making a comeback. Forget about those heavy old tomes of antique relationship advice, though, as the new generation of dating books are the polar opposite. Written for anyone, single or committed, who wants to breathe new life into their relationships, these guides are full of confidence boosting tips, helpful advice and honest stories. Here’s some of the best…

1. Meeting Your Half Orange…

Err…okay, so it does have a bizarre title, but it does make sense! The phrase half-orange is taken from the Spanish ‘Mi media naranja,’ which means 'my perfect half.' Quite sweet, really! This dating guide promises to be upbeat and optimistic whilst also delivering helpful, pragmatic advice that will really get results. Sections include body language, thinking and perception of others, and it’s an interesting read. This is one of those dating books that’ll fascinate just about everyone.

The Gaggle…


@Nicole Richards he's just not that into you is a good book! I read it a few years back
In the process of reading 'meeting your half orange' thanks for the recommendations! 😘
Nicole Richards
I am downloading some on iBooks, but unfortunately I couldn't find 'Ditch The Prince Charming Idea' on it... Looking forward to what looks like a great read! Maybe even the book 'He's Just Not That Into You'...
Heather Jensen
Absolutely! I think that you can read any of them! :)
Are any of these for teenagers?xx
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