7 Dating Deal Breakers THAT SHOULDN'T BE IGNORED ...


If you are new to the dating world or newly single, its good to get acquainted with a few deal breakers that shouldn't be ignored. Since the dating world is the equivalent of walking into a minefield sometimes, you should be aware of behavior that indicates a guy is bad news. Below I’m going to share the 7 dating deal breakers that shouldn't be ignored to make dating just a bit easier on you.

1. Mr. I-Miss-My-Ex

You thought he might be a potential boyfriend but turns out his ex still has his heart in a vice-like grip, even though they aren’t together anymore. One of the deal breakers to ignore at your peril is the guy that is still emotionally invested in his ex. This guy is easily recognizable because every single thing reminds him of his ex and he constantly brings up her name. Mr. I-Miss-My-Ex needs time to process the breakup rather than entering a new relationship with you so it’s best to pass him up, at least for now.

Mr. Negative


jess bond
Mr. Abusive, have to keep reminding him, i hate him and he's stupid (getting rid of him asap)
My now ex was Mrs.Negative... After 2 years I just couldn't do it any more...
aww. this is true
Neecey Beresford
@Breanna and Yewande - TY - you were right. The title has been changed. ,
I agree with Yewande...the title makes it sound like you should ignore these deal breakers, i.e. gloss over them and keep dating the douche.
fast talker who are not thinking and listening
Yewande Tinubu
This could've been titled better
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