Dating for Dollars 💝 - Secret Benefits Sugar Baby 🍭💋 Gives Her Top 🔝10 Tips ...

Sugar dating - It seems too good to be true, doesn't it?

We see you, working hard to make sure your look is on fleek. You are not only looking good, you're hustling (or studying) hard to create a better future for yourself. It's right to invest in yourself. Now women like you are finding men who will invest in their happiness too - in the form of gifts, trips or even cash!

So how is it done? We stuck up a conversation with a successful sugar baby on Secret Benefits, and asked her to give her top ten tips for sugary success. Read on!

1. First Decide What Your Needs Are

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"It can be crazy logging in for the first time, and getting hit up on to chat with several men all at the same time. They'll ask you all sorts of questions, and it's good to be prepared by having a specific need (such as the payment of a certain monthly bill, or a contribution towards something you're saving up for) so that you can be ready to answer any questions with confidence."

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