5 Dating Games 🎲 You Grow out of in Your Late Twenties 👫👭 ...


I decided to write this article on dating games you grow out of because I went back and read the bajillion (actually around 40) other articles I previously wrote before my hiatus. Back then, I was young, and naive, and an LA Native in her early twenties. The only thing I knew was games.

I sat around a bunch of guys who were tools, and listened to how they talked about women and the things they wanted. I had a bunch of friends that were guys and would get a bunch of advice from them on how to, “win a guy over”. But the thing is, as I got older, I realized that playing games are just such a waste of time.

Today, I just don’t have time for it. I have a job, and friends, and a life I love. Having to orchestrate every move and emotional tactic I can come up with is exhausting. I’m too old, and just too damn tired. Luckily, there are dating games you grow out of - I assure you.

1. Hot and Cold

The best thing I have learned in my late twenties is to be your authentic self. Seriously, like it’s so time consuming having to remember what action or behavior you just did, and then what needs to come next, and managing his reactions. Don’t you want to be able just be real?

If the guy is only liking you for the games, then he really isn’t liking, “you”. Plus, I mean, it just gets SO OLD ... having to figure out what to text back, when to text, if you can call, if you can flirt, when you can be affectionate, etc. Sometimes what happens is you mirror someone else's actions. If he's cold, you're cold. If he's warm, you're warm, and it just becomes this cycle, and you get stuck playing this "game" that no one even wanted to play. At least, that's my usual problem.

In your late twenties, you’re looking to find something usually for the long haul, or a partner you can depend on. If you’re too busy messing with a guy’s head you're either going to lose him, lose yourself, or get burnt out.

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