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Dating in Your 20s Told by Gifs ...

By Heather

Dating in your 20s isn't easy, in fact, it's one of the hardest things in the world. It's confusing, it's awkward, it's funny and yet it's something that all of us do. Let's take a look at some of the phases if dating – told by gifs!

Table of contents:

  1. High school dating was totes easy ...
  2. You're an adult now … and adult dating is so different!
  3. Phase one? you hit on every, single, person
  4. You actually introduce yourself .. shocking!
  5. You might need some liquid courage to do #4
  6. You'll probably get rejected 5 out of 6 times … and that's okay!
  7. Online dating is phase 2
  8. … but none of them are your type
  9. You're friends start to worry …
  10. You may start to hit on them … don't do that
  11. Once you've made enough bade decisions, your finally ready for an adult relationship
  12. You spotted him …
  13. And he agreed to go out with you!
  14. Just when you are getting along, you are filled with anxiety …
  15. You can't express anything to your new bae …
  16. Then you finally break and let it all out …
  17. Your new bae is like …
  18. You two breakup because you aren't meant for each other
  19. It's the worst feeling in the world
  20. But, you're better than wallowing
  21. Being single isn't bad
  22. You like being alone
  23. Until you decide you are ready to do it all over again

1 High School Dating Was Totes Easy ...

2 You're an Adult Now … and Adult Dating is so Different!

3 Phase One? You Hit on Every, Single, Person

4 You Actually Introduce Yourself .. Shocking!

5 You Might Need Some Liquid Courage to do #4

6 You'll Probably Get Rejected 5 out of 6 Times … and That's Okay!

7 Online Dating is Phase 2

8 … but None of Them Are Your Type

9 You're Friends Start to Worry …

10 You May Start to Hit on Them … Don't do That

11 Once You've Made Enough Bade Decisions, Your Finally Ready for an Adult Relationship

12 You Spotted Him …

13 And He Agreed to Go out with You!

14 Just when You Are Getting along, You Are Filled with Anxiety …

15 You Can't Express Anything to Your New Bae …

16 Then You Finally Break and Let It All out …

17 Your New Bae is like …

18 You Two Breakup Because You Aren't Meant for Each Other

19 It's the Worst Feeling in the World

20 But, You're Better than Wallowing

21 Being Single Isn't Bad

22 You like Being Alone

23 Until You Decide You Are Ready to do It All over Again

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