Dating πŸ’‘ Mistakes πŸ˜– to Avoid 🚫 when Finding πŸ” Love πŸ’— This Holiday ❄️ Season ...

There are definitely some dating mistakes to avoid in holiday season. When you are a child, the prospect of spending quality time with your family amidst a sea of great food and great gifts is something to be excited about all year, but we all know too well that as you reach adulthood, the pressures associated with navigating holiday season with your family can be more treacherous than fun! The topic of your love life always seems to rear its ugly head, perhaps more so when you come home single. This can be tough to deal with, especially if you are feeling sensitive about it yourself, but this doesn’t mean that you should make mistakes in order to ease the situation. Here are the worst dating mistakes to avoid in holiday season

1. Lowering Your Standards

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One of the worst dating mistakes to avoid in holiday season is to lower your standards. Don’t get into a brief holiday season relationship with somebody who doesn’t meet your standards just for the sake of being able to have someone on your arm. He might help to deflect a few awkward glances or conversations but at the end of if you will still be left with a situation that is below your league!

2. Comparing Yourself

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Try not to sit in the corner with a drink and spend the day looking over at cousin Mary and her perfect boyfriend. Just because they appear to have everything you might want, it doesn’t mean that they do. Jealousy is unbecoming!

3. Beating Yourself up

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Stop beating yourself up for being single. It is absolutely no reflection on your character; it just means that the right person hasn’t crossed your path yet! It can be hard to see all of your married family members over the holidays but don’t blame yourself for not being at that stage yet.

4. Repeating Old Patterns

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You might have tried to bring a temporary holiday boyfriend home before to disastrous results, and its imperative that you don’t make the same mistake again and again because this repetitive behaviour looks as desperate at it feels!

5. Staying Home

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Some people choose to completely avoid events where they might be questioned about their love life, but this isn’t a healthy choice. Don’t turn into a holiday hermit just because you don’t have a man to show off. There are so many more aspects of family get togethers that you can enjoy.

6. Not Putting Yourself out There

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For some reason, a lot of women tend to shut down their dating life in the winter months; maybe it’s just the weather or something about the season that makes them less romantically adventurous. For the best chance of having someone genuine to bring home at Christmas, make sure that you stay active in the dating game all year round!

7. Getting in Touch with an Ex

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Whatever you do, DO NOT reach out to an ex to fill the holiday romance void! You broke up for a reason, and even if you are in desperate need of some seasonal company, it just isn’t worth bringing up that ancient history!

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