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College is a beautiful time in every girl’s life. It’s the perfect occasion to find out how it is to live on your own, how to work hard to reach all your goals, how to become more financially independent and of course, how to make more wise decisions when it comes to dating. Dating while you are in college can be quite fun but at the same time, you should try to avoid making the next dating mistakes since they will only cause you trouble and they will not help you reach your goals or follow your dreams. Here are 7 dating mistakes to avoid making in college:

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Leaving Nothing to the Imagination

This is one of the most common dating mistake most college girls make. When they go out on a date, they tend to leave little to the imagination and they try too hard to catch everyone’s attention. Try to remember that if you want to be treated like a lady then you must act and dress like a lady.


Judging Them Based on Your past Relationships

Try not to judge your date based on your past relationships because everyone is different and we all behave differently in a similar situation. Don’t sabotage your happiness by assuming you know someone without trying to find out more about them.


Overanalyzing Calls and Texts

One of the worst things you can do when you are dating while you are in college is to overanalyze all the calls or texts you receive from your boyfriend. Try not to be so controlling and relax a little! Just have fun on your dates and enjoy your boyfriend’s company without misinterpreting things.


Neglecting Your Friends

No matter how long you have been in a relationship, try not to neglect your friends. Make time for them and hang out together. Find balance between your love life and your social life and try not to neglect neither of them.


Assuming That They Don’t Want a Relationship

Even though you are in college, this doesn’t mean that every guy just wants to get into bed with you. Some of them may want a chance to get to know you better and other may even want to be in a relationship with you. You are great girl so let go of these stereotypes and give that nice boy a chance.


Coming off as Desperate

Even though you haven’t been on a date in a while, try not to look too desperate. You will attract the wrong kind of guys and you might make one of those dating in college mistakes that I was telling you about earlier. Just be nice, have fun, act like a lady and try to make a good impression.


Getting Drunk

Even though you are in college and you can go to a lot of parties where there can be a lot of alcohol, try to avoid drinking if you want to have a good time. Know your limits and don’t drink too much so you will avoid making a bad impression, especially if you are on a date.

Dating in college can be a bit tricky but it can be fun too, especially if you know how to avoid any unpleasant situations. Do you know any other dating mistakes to avoid making in college? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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