17 Dating "Red Flags" 🚩 That Aren't Always πŸ’― a Bad Thing πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ ...


You've heard all about the different red flags to look out for when dating. However, some of them aren't exactly accurate. It all depends on the situation at hand. Here are a few red flags that aren't always a bad thing:

1. Your First Kiss Wasn’t Amazing

Your First Kiss Wasn’t Amazing

The majority of the time, first kisses are awkward. You can't expect to feel a life changing spark right away. Sometimes, the second kiss will be way better than the first. You just have to stick around to find out.

He’s a Player


Amanda Case
Geeeez NO sorry but this article is HORRIBLE advice!
Okay the thing about your friends not liking him and vice versa? Big Fucking NO. For either of them. Those should be deal breakers - you have no idea how much stress that puts on your friends, and I'm speaking from experience on both sides.
Just throwing it out there, I fucking love the use of supernatural gifs.
No!! These are sketchy πŸ˜’
Terrible advice
Cheating ?! Seriously ??! It's a big NO and badmouthing exes also
This article made me smile
Bayside Lass
The cheating one? My mother always used to say "How you got him, is how you'll lose him" Translation? If you were the one on the side, he'll cheat on you also.
Absolutely awful advice to follow.
peony blue
So far as we are aware that people can change then that can only be a good thing!
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