5 Lifesaving Dating Tips for anti-Social Girls ...


5 Lifesaving Dating Tips for anti-Social  Girls ...
5 Lifesaving Dating Tips for anti-Social  Girls ...

Dating tips for anti-social girls can be a real lifesaver if you want to meet someone, but are kind of shy. Being a natural introvert can be difficult when it comes to the big world of dating. Most shy people find it difficult to speak up when they see someone they are interested in. For some, the simple idea of speaking in from of a crowd or being the center of attention can cause panic attacks. For those who find it hard to date while being anti-social, here are some tips for anti-social girls that will help you get into and stay ahead of the game.

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Trust Your Instincts

Trusting your instincts is one of the best dating tips for anti-social girls. When someone catches your eye, don’t worry about rejection, and don’t necessarily worry about seeming out of the ordinary by approaching a stranger. The things you should worry about though, are your instincts. First impressions are important. While you don’t want to hide from approaching and seeming approachable yourself, you don’t want to chase after every single guy you find attractive. If something hits you the wrong way about the person or situation, trust your instincts. It may not be the right time.


Wait for the Right Time

Following the first tip, do not go for every single bombshell or hunk you see. If we did this, there would be not time left for anything else, because let’s face it, the world if filled with beautiful people! And everyone is beautiful in their own unique ways. If you're anti-social, this may seem like a relief, but it’s not an invitation to give up. You are beautiful too, and someone would love to treat you like you deserve to be treated!


Believe in Yourself

Although you may not believe it, you are amazing! We are our greatest critics, and all the thoughts you may have about the extent of your abilities and self worth are probably wrong! You don’t have to be that outgoing, bubbly girl to get the guy you dream of. Be yourself and the right one will come.


Know Your Self Worth

A problem many women and men face in relationships is recognizing their self-worth. As humans, we deserve nothing but 110% from both sides. As an introvert, no one knows you better than you! Inside, you know what you really deserve. Find it.


Be Ready to Find It

While you shouldn’t sit around and wait for love to find you, you also can’t go out and date everyone you meet. Some people claim to find the one by love at first sight, others by happy accident. In reality, especially for an antisocial type, dating is a weird, crazy, amazing, fleeting formula of all the above. You can’t do too much, but you also can’t sit around and do nothing. There are even online dating sites for shy and anti-social people! The best way to get ahead of the game as a loner is to consider all that has been mentioned here and add your own twist to make the experience your own. Play the field a bit, as finding that one true love is fun!

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How care you misuse the word "anti-social"! Truly anti-social girls aren't introverted. Instead, they're law-breaking bullies!

Sorry. I meant "dare" and not "care".

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