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Helpful Dating Tips for Women with Social Anxiety ...

By Sici

Are you looking for some dating tips for girls with social anxiety? Dating, in all of its various forms, can be one of the most daunting experiences that any of us has to go through. This experience can be even more daunting if you, like millions of other women across the world, happen to suffer from social anxiety. Whether your anxiety is small scale or large scale, whether you have been battling it for years or have only recently started to feel this way, it can really be a hindrance when it comes to putting yourself out there romantically. However, having social anxiety does not mean that you have to shut yourself away and deny yourself romance. Here are some great dating tips for girls with social anxiety.

1 Be Honest

photograph, black, black and white, monochrome photography, lady, One of the absolute best dating tips for girls with social anxiety is to be honest about it. Don’t try to hide your anxiety from your date. Be open with him about what makes you nervous because you don’t want to go into a situation that makes you even more uncomfortable. And besides, the guys who are understanding and kind about your issues are the ones you want to be with anyway!

2 Practise

photograph, black, black and white, beauty, monochrome photography, Don’t push a date to the back of your mind and then let it overwhelm you on the day. Do little bits of practise to plan ahead for the big event. What kind of conversations are you going to try to start? What food do you think you are going to eat? Cover everything to make it less daunting.


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3 Distraction

white, photograph, black, black and white, man, If you can feel your anxiety getting the better of you on a date, take a few moments to yourself and play some mind distracting games. Name everything beginning with B that you can see in your surroundings. Spend a few minutes playing a simple game on your phone until the wave has passed.

4 Text Friends

photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, photography, snapshot, Keep in regular contact with your best friends while on the date. There is no problem that a little Whatsapp group discussion can’t fix. They will provide a familiar and calming presence for you when you're with someone new.

5 Arrive Early

white, black, photograph, person, black and white, Arrive to the date location earlier than your date does. It will give you a chance to get familiar with your surroundings and settle into the location before you have to meet up with him. Even just ten minutes of calm before the ‘storm’ can be helpful.

6 Breathing Exercises

photography, interaction, black and white, human, girl, Engage in a little belly breathing when you can, just to keep the butterflies under control. Also, recognise that the butterflies are probably also due to excitement as well your usual anxiety, so that is why they are feeling a little more fluttery than usual!

7 Comfy but Confident

photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, photography, snapshot, We all like to make an effort when dressing for a date, but don’t go so overboard that you lose a little of yourself in the process. Confident but comfortable is the look you should be aiming for because it will impress your date but it will also keep you feeling more secure and less exposed than you perhaps might be otherwise.

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