Dating Tips: 7 Reasons It's Okay to Juggle when Dating ...


Dating Tips often come in handy … especially when you're dating other people. Now, this might be something of a hot button, but I'm here to say that it's okay to juggle when you date. Juggling refers to dating – I repeat, dating, not sleeping with! – several people at once. Now, if it's your desire and you're safe, then sleeping with multiple is fine too, if that's what you want to do, but we're not talking about THAT today. No, these are dating tips for juggling and why it's totally okay to do. Many women juggle these days, and there are some very good reasons – as you'll see with these awesome, juggle-related dating tips!

1. You Have More Options

This is probably the most persuasive dating tip for dating multiple people: you just have more options. It's awful to be dating a guy or a girl for weeks or even months, thinking everything's going great, and then you find out the other person doesn't feel the same way. And dumps you. When you get all wrapped up in one person, that is so hard. With multiple people, there's not nearly as much pressure, and you can really judge your chemistry. See, the key to juggling is that when you meet someone who makes you forget about everyone else and who seems into you as well, you're done!

You Get Lots of Practice
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