Dating Tips: 7 Signs That Your Boyfriend May Not Be Mr. Right ...


All but the most cynical among us hope that we will someday meet Mr Right. He doesn´t have to be perfect, but he does have to be right for us. However, there are certain dating tips that we should all bear in mind, as the path of true love is indeed frequently rather crooked. What should we be looking out for? Here are some important dating tips that may indicate a potential problem with your boyfriend

1. Excuses

Obviously you have to trust your partner – if you don´t, then the relationship is doomed – but a warning sign that all may not be well is if he is constantly coming out with excuses. Is he prone to cancelling dates, or does he always have a smart answer if you express concern about anything that bothers you? There could be someone else in his life – or maybe you´re just not that important to him.

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nice tip, sissy! now i realize that my decision to leave this man was right.. he had a relationship , but he still chasing me.. and i got trapped.. but now, he only a past.. ^^
Actual temper tantrums are really bad too -- one of my friends just broke up with a guy who would throw genuine, toddler-like fits when he didn't get his way. Not cool!
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