7 Daydreams Every Girl Has Had about Her Crush ...


Don’t be embarrassed, because there are daydreams every girl has had about her crush. Whether you’re daydreaming in class or resting in bed, it’s natural for your mind to wander toward the person you like. Instead of fretting about the future, it’s much more fun to think about the good things that could happen. Even if the scenarios in your head are highly unlikely to happen, don’t feel silly for having them, because they’re daydreams every girl has had.

1. Impromptu Kisses

There’s no reason for your crush to rise from his seat, walk over, and kiss you without saying a word, but you’d love for it to happen. It doesn’t have to make sense in your head, so long as it makes you happy. Being kissed by your crush is one of the daydreams every girl has had. I mean, what’s better than the thought of putting your lips against his? Even though you’ve never spoken to him, you like to think that it could happen.

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Mary Alison
Over half of those are wrong.... Lol
True but oh so sad 😔
Ohh so true.. I remember I used to have a crush on a guy..... Very hard and bad And now he's my boyfriend from the past 6.5years Dreaming about those days 😍💭
Shams Mohammed
Yea and it hurts when u realize that none of them will come true 😔
All of them are true and am crushing on a shy guy and all i can do i daydream about him 😣
Crushes are crazy, aren't they?! I love them!!
Ridiculous is may seem, girls' minds do tend to wonder towards things/people they'd like to be with. Rather sweet and gushy- but it is a total pain when you know you should be concentrating on work or...
Wow these are so relatable! Hehe :)
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