7 Daydreams Every Girl Has Had about Her Crush ...

By Holly

7 Daydreams Every Girl Has Had about Her Crush ...

Don’t be embarrassed, because there are daydreams every girl has had about her crush. Whether you’re daydreaming in class or resting in bed, it’s natural for your mind to wander toward the person you like. Instead of fretting about the future, it’s much more fun to think about the good things that could happen. Even if the scenarios in your head are highly unlikely to happen, don’t feel silly for having them, because they’re daydreams every girl has had about her crush.

1 Impromptu Kisses

There’s no reason for your crush to rise from his seat, walk over, and kiss you without saying a word, but you’d love for it to happen. It doesn’t have to make sense in your head, so long as it makes you happy. Being kissed by your crush is one of the daydreams every girl has had. I mean, what’s better than the thought of putting your lips against his? Even though you’ve never spoken to him, you like to think that it could happen.

2 Response Texts

You spend hours staring at your phone, hoping that he'll text you back soon. You sent him a message, so now you have to daydream about all of his possible responses. Even though he hasn't answered yet, you know what you expect him to say, and have a response ready.

3 Saving the Day

Maybe you’re drowning in your daydream, or are somehow stuck in quicksand. Either way, you’re in trouble, and your crush is there to save the day. You grew up watching princesses in distress, so it’s hard not to imagine yourself in the same scenario. As soon as your prince rescues you, you’ll get true love’s kiss, and live happily ever after.

4 Going on a Hot Date

Even if he already has a girlfriend, you imagine yourself going on a date with him. It might be realistic, with the two of you seeing a movie and buying dinner. Of course, it could also be magical, with the two of you walking down a beach and riding dolphins into the sunset.

5 A Little Conversation

For some reason, we’ll have conversations in our heads between us and another person, even though it’s about a trivial subject. You might think about what it’s like to discuss your favorite food with your crush, even though there’s nothing special about a conversation like that. It’s just something that goes through your head.

6 Fighting for Your Love

In your daydream, your crush isn’t the only one who likes you, because you’re oh so desirable. He picks a fight with another guy, who doesn’t deserve you, in order to win your love. He likes you so much that he doesn't care who he has to fight to get you.

7 Walking down the Aisle

You’ll only have this daydream if you’re completely and utterly crazy about him. If you can picture him as the father of your children, then you’ll imagine what he’d look like in a suit and tie, beneath an altar, while saying his vows. Would he rather have a beach wedding or stick to a church? Those are the thoughts that plague your mind, because you want your daydream to be realistic.

There's nothing wrong with letting your mind wander, especially when your daydreams make you happy. What do you usually spend time thinking about?

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i dream of cooking dinner for him while waiting for him to come home... aahhh.. this picture in my head... hehehe

Cool now I know what girls think abt

Wow these are so relatable! Hehe :)

True but oh so sad

All of them are true and am crushing on a shy guy and all i can do i daydream about him

Lol I need to go to Disneyland to have these daydreams! Because it's where "all dreams come true"

Over half of those are wrong.... Lol

I daydream that somebody is making fun of him, saying that he could never please a girl, and he gets mad. I'm the closest person, and he says sorry (or kiss me, or nothing) and then kisses me, his hand on my hip and the back of my head, gently. But the kiss is oh so 😍, and then I lean into the kiss, and the embrace gets tighter.....and then he walks away, and my peers tease me about it. And that is what I daydream the ice breaker is. 😂 I haven't talked to him yet.

Crushes are crazy, aren't they?! I love them!!

Yea and it hurts when u realize that none of them will come true

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