Decoding Your Man How to Figure out What He Wants from You ...

By Alicia

Decoding Your Man How to Figure out What He Wants from You ...

It’s no secret that women don’t completely understand men and vice versa. But this guide can help to shed some light on your man’s actions. It can offer you some clues as to what he’s up to or what he’s thinking. Once you know that, you’ve got the advantage in the situation.

1 He’s Being More Affectionate than Usual

Sometimes you may notice that your man is being more affectionate than usual. This is not a bad thing. Most likely it just means that he’s missed you or is happy to see you. Enjoy those sweet moments. It’s a sign that things are going wonderful between you when he’s more affectionate than usual.

2 He’s Talkative

Most guys have times when they’ll talk and times when they’re quiet. But sometimes you may notice your man is in a more talkative mood than usual. When you notice that, he’s probably excited about something. It’s a good time to listen and be excited for him just like you want him to do for you when you’ve got something big going on in your life. The best relationships are always between people that are happy for one another when something wonderful happens.

3 He’s Ignoring You

Don’t automatically panic when it seems like your guy is ignoring you. It’s true that it could be personal but that’s usually only true if you’ve had an argument. If that’s not the cause and this ignoring seems to come up out of the blue then more than likely he’s just got his mind focused on something else like watching a game or working on a project. Most men aren’t good at focusing on more than one thing at a time. But if you let him know you’re feeling a little neglected then he’ll probably be quick to fix that.

4 He’s Not Talking

If your guy’s not talking then he’s probably upset. It could be over something at his job, with his family or in your relationship. Most men tend to withdraw when they’re in a conflict. If you know that he’s quiet because of an argument you’ve had, it’s best to let him have his space. I know that’s very hard but if you can do that, he’ll be more prepared to talk after he’s had some time to think.

5 He’s Making about Plans for the Two of You

If your guy starts talking about the plans he has for the two of you, that’s a good thing. It means that he sees a future with you. This is true whether he’s making plans for a special date or making plans for taking your relationship to the next level. Whatever he’s planning, take it as a good sign for your relationship. He’s not going anywhere for a long time.

6 He’s Hanging out with His Buddies More

Every girl runs into this issue at some point. It usually means that your guy feels confident in the stability of your relationship so he feels free to spend time with his friends, too. He may feel the need for a little space and guy time and that’s not a bad thing. Plan your own activities to enjoy with friends when he has plans. Then you’ll both have something interesting to talk about when you see each other again.

7 He Brings You Gifts

Has your guy surprised you with a gift recently? This means that you’re in his heart! Whether it’s roses or your favorite candy bar, he’s thinking of you. His romantic interest in you is still strong. Tell him how much you appreciate his sweet gestures and he’ll be more likely to continue with them.

These are 7 little insights into decoding your man. Did this help you to understand your man more clearly? I’d love to hear how this article helped you.

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