7 Definite Signs That You're in Love ...


7 Definite Signs That You're in Love ...
7 Definite Signs That You're in Love ...

If you’ve been walking around grinning like a besotted fool and generally being happy with life and everyone around you, then maybe you’d like to stop for a second and wonder if these are signs that you’re in love? When you’re in love, there isn’t going to be a flashing neon sign over your head, you know. Cupid won’t descend on a fluffy cloud and poke you with a heart shaped arrow. All you need is to watch out for the little things you do or think about every day and know that these are the signs that you’re in love. So read on and maybe today will be the day you know!

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You Can’t Stop Thinking about Him

It’s really very simple. One of the first definitive signs that you’re in love is that you’re always thinking about him. As you sip your morning coffee, when you’re on your way to class or work and even when you’re in the middle of cooking dinner, you’ll be thinking about him. You’ll find yourself in the middle of the day, smiling away because you thought of something he said to you or that cute smile he gives you when you meet him. Thinking about him makes you happy and if that’s not love, I’m not sure what is!


You Want to Spend All Your Time with Him

If you’re in love, the most natural thing in the world is to want to spend all your time with him. Just thinking about him isn’t enough right? You go through the day wishing you were together. And when you’re with him, you don’t want him to leave. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend with him, it’s never enough. Definite sign of love, yes?


You Keep Waiting for Him to Call

If you thought sitting by the phone, waiting for a boy to call was something only teenaged girls did, think again! If you’re constantly checking your phone to see if he’s called or texted you or tweeted about you, you’re probably in love! It’s perfectly normal really, because all you want to do throughout the day is talk to him. Right? Whenever the phone rings, your heart starts beating faster because you hope it’s him calling. And there is this acute sense of disappointment when it’s not him. So smile and maybe call him? He’s probably waiting by the phone too you know!


You Can’t Stop Talking about Him

Do you find yourself talking about him whenever you’re with friends or when catching up with your mom or sister? Have your friends told you that all you ever do is talk about him? If yes, then you’re probably in love. So much in love that he’s part of everything you think about and everything you say. You want everyone to know how happy he makes you and how awesome he is and so even though you might not realize it, you can’t stop talking about him.


You Just Want to Make Him Happy

It’s a definite sign that you’re in love if all that matters to you is making him happy. Even if that means you have to spend hours watching football with him or eat at his favorite restaurant even though you don’t like the food! All you want is to see him smile and knowing that you did something that has made him happy is enough for you!


You’re Happy with Life

The flowers look prettier and the sky bluer, music is more melodious and food is yummier! If you’re suddenly finding life to be worth living and everything around you just perfect, it might be a sign that you’re in love. Your rose tinted glasses are on and you just feel happy about everything and everyone around you. Life is good and you’re super excited about waking up every day and living it!


You Start Planning a Life with Him

Have your daydreams changed? Do you dream less about going on a date with Ryan Reynolds and more about living with him? You’re in love when you start thinking about a future with him. You start planning for a life together and can’t help think how many children you’ll have and where you’ll live!

Being in love is one of the happiest feelings ever. You’re on this total high all the time and it is awesome! You’re smiling more, laughing more, definitely more happy with yourself and the world. So don’t waste any more time wondering what it is you’re feeling and know that if you’re feeling any (or all) of the above, they’re definite signs that you’re in love! And if you’ve ever been in love, make sure you add your own little signs and hints to my list, yes?

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It's official I'm in love with running

I fall to hard lol,let's just say falling for your step brother's ''best friend'' is a horrible felling.😂

So, I'm in love then ;3;

And i'm in love...😍

I'm in love

Okay, is it just me or is there anyone else out there that thought every girl "plans a future" with any guy who makes her feel special?! Or am I the only one who noticed that there's a difference between long term goals, and an illusion?

#8 if you know they are not in love back you truly wish them happiness in their life.

aww this is so nice. :) love is beautiful and also very dangerous.

Exactly how I feel 😍

@Pau M my reaction exactly!

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