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Defining Love One Letter at a Time Part 2 of 4 ...

By Kailey

Wondering what does L.O.V.E. stand for? In our last blog we touched on the representation of L (language). Now it is time to focus on the O. In the song, O stood for "only one I see." For once, I semi agree with this line. Love should be singular. Well, let me rephrase that. Romantic love should be specifically given to one person. (Don’t get this confused with sexual love). The reason romantic love needs to be zeroed in on is because it’s a component of our life that is too strong and too compelling to be shared. I view our heart as a tender vessel within the soul. This vessel is composed of four components. Each compartment houses a different mode of our love. Now, let's get back to the definition of love, letter by letter.

Love is a four letter word and there are four parts of our heart. The first compartment holds the love we have for our parents. This is a love that is unbreakable. Love we have for our parents is the root that secure our heart to our soul. This is also the love that sets the tone for all other love that comes into our lives.

Next is the love that matures with us. It’s a love that we are both born into and introduced to. This is the love we receive from our family and friends. As we gain years in this short life of ours, our family and friends are there to show us love that is driven by dedication. When we commit to someone, it’s automatic that our heart becomes dedicated to them. For me, dedication is not a strong enough word to describe how much I love my family. I know that this is the case for many women out there. It is almost like we are destined to devote our heart to our family and friends.

The third component of our heart is objectified love. (In other words, a love that is fueled by the fire of our human nature.) Love like this is very flexible. Here is where we learn about who we are and what makes us happy, sad, or even angry. Our hobbies, interests, fears, and concerns are exposed by this love. The reason for its flexibility is so that we can have the freedom to learn who we are. By discovering this love, we also discover what qualities we love in another person.

The last compartment of our heart encompasses romance. The most impressive component within this chamber is the non-revolving door. Ever heard of true love? Yes, sure maybe to many people it doesn’t exist. Maybe it is a myth created by women to give us hope in eternal love. Whatever the reason, it is something that deserves a second thought. For some women, we might have to kiss a lot of frogs before we find our Prince Charming, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t out there.

However, the door that leads to our romantic room doesn’t contain an exit, only an entrance. The reason for this is because no matter how many times our heart is burned, we still deep down hold onto those burn marks. Although we heal, we aren’t left without scars. The reason for this is because once we reach a particular level of love with someone, it is time to let them into the romantic vessel of our heart. Once they are introduced to our heart, from there we are determining if they will stay or if they will depart the way they came in. The reason there is no exit in this chamber of our heart is because once we have found our soul mate, we are destined to be with him for the rest of our life. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the person we have chosen to occupy our romantic chamber is the “only one we see”.

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