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Defining Love One Letter at a Time Part 4 of 4 ...

By Kailey

Love is a four letter word and this is the fourth installment in my series about defining love letter by letter. As we wrap up our definition of love we end our time with the letter E. In our love song, the singer conveys the message that E is even more than anyone that you adore, its LOVE. Isn’t that obvious ladies? We are going to always love our significant other more than anyone else. Except for the small exception of our parents or siblings, our significant other will be someone we can’t live without.

However, this isn’t my logical definition for this particular letter. E should represent equality. No, I don’t mean a feminist definition of equality or racial equality. I mean an equal relationship. A one sided relationship should never be OK! When only one person’s feelings are invested, the outcome is almost always negative. How is it going to work when only one person is making an effort, compromising, sacrificing, and so on? I’m telling you now, that eventually that person’s heart will display wear and tear.

Can one individual win a Super Bowl game by themself? Absolutely not, it takes an entire team to achieve that goal. Relationships are the same. This is the reason why two people fall in love with one another, not one. So remember ladies, if you are the one putting in all of the effort to please and love your other half, it is time to stop and think about what is going to be better for your heart. Love is the honey that feeds our heart. It’s up to us to determine if that honey is going to be sweet or sour.
Hopefully we can remember these when the next candidate walks into our lives.
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