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Defining Love One Letter at a Time Part 1 of 4 ...

By Kailey

What's the definition of love, letter by letter? We have all heard the famous song that maps out all the things love stands for. “L is for the way you look at me, O is for the only one I see, V is very, very extraordinary, E is even more than anyone that you adore, its love”. But what happens when we look at love through a lens that isn’t clouded by infatuation?

Love is more than an acquired action. It’s a passion so many women become captivated with at a very young age. Due to this, we shape or define love based on what our heart declares it to be. Don’t get me wrong, I am a sucker for love! When it comes to romance I am the poster child for “happily ever after”, but this is what I call clouded vision. What if we dissect love using our head vs. our heart? What conclusion would we reach and would it change the way we see or understand love? So, here's my new way to find the definition of love, letter by letter.

For today, let’s start with L. Instead of “the way you look at me”, it should stand for "language." This represents both verbal and non-verbal communication. Let’s face it, verbal interactions are shifting to a concept of the past, while social media is surging forward with an unmanageable force. As a result of this, women need to acknowledge the language of love. What does love look like?

Ladies I can tell you right now that a man who is looking at everything but your face, is not focusing on finding the next love of his life. Instead, he is focusing on what you look like under your clothes. Ladies, we want a man who is looking to love our soul, not our outward body. Therefore, it is important to read the language. Be aware because as much as we don’t understand it, love speaks.

Think of love as visual billboards. Billboards have what on them? Verbal and non-verbal communication. Love is the same way. But if we don’t know the language that comes with love, how do we expect to know what it is trying to tell us?

Listen to what love is telling you. Women, including me, tend to second guess the little voice inside our head telling us to “abort mission”. There is a reason Pinocchio had a conscience. Jiminy Cricket was there to direct and advise Pinocchio on the appropriate decisions to make. This conscience of ours is trying to establish and sketch a foolproof man for us to love. Yeah, yeah I know many people don’t believe that there is a perfect man out there, but I believe it. Deep down, in the abyss of our hearts, every girl awaits their prince charming. Now whether women want to permit that or not is their choice.

Either way we put it, love talks. It is our job to listen. Learn who is speaking the language of love and figure out the difference between understanding the language vs. predicting the language.

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