What Are the πŸ‘ Differences βš–οΈ between Lust 😍 and Love ❀️ ?


What's are the differences between lust and love? I think we have all discovered over the course of our romantic lives that these two feelings and emotions can be mistaken for one another! We all long to hear those three magic words from the person that we have fallen for, but it can be dangerous when they are uttered too early, or uttered when they aren’t mean at all. To avoid heartbreak and romantic tension, let’s take a look at some of the key differences between lust and love to help you to avoid making missteps with a new partner!

1. Fights Don’t Equal Breakups

People who have truly found love will instantly recognise that having a heated discussion or full blown fight with your partner does not necessarily mean that you have to break up. Lust drives a passion in us that can be easily extinguished if things turn sour, but if you are in love, you will be much more willing to stick through a rough patch and come out on the other side, much stronger than before. That's one of the main differences between lust and love.

Loving His Flaws
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