4. Eskimo Kiss

Eskimo Kiss

If you don't want to get too physical, give each other an eskimo kiss. This doesn't even require any lip action. An eskimo kiss is when you and your partner rub your noses together. If you're not with the right person, it'll feel uncomfortable, but it can also come across as a sweet gesture.

Biting Kiss


Sapna Pathak
Flavor n biting kiss are good to try
Isabella Coles
I think i get more eskimo kisses than the usual kiss sometimes 😅 it's nice snuggling up like that ☺️
Enter Name Here
Oh my gosh!! It's holly Riordan who made this post!again! And I like it!!
Was not aware of names for kisses...interesting!
So THAT'S a butterfly kiss? Just learned something new lol. Great post, thank you!
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