3. The Octopus

You've probably dated the guy who is a bit too free with his hands. I once arranged to meet up with a guy for what I thought was a friendly drink and nothing more. He didn't waste much time putting his hands where they weren't welcome, and failed to get the message that I wasn't interested. He also thought he was going to be invited up to my place. Not a chance.

It Was All Her Fault!


marilyn monroe12342
the guy that doesn't talk on a date and creepishly stares at you.
I met a Number One once and he kept prodding into my life and all my secrets. As a novice dater I told him some of my horrible date and sex experiences, which made me emotional and I started crying. I...
oh oh oh wait!! I meant number ONE in my last comment. My mistake!!
oouh! Number IS really bad.
This one guy thought because he paid for a slice of pizza I was gonna go to his house "to eat" or give him a kiss after taking me home. Never heard from him again.
I've had a few in which all 7 were wrapped into 1.... wtf!? -_-
Never date a guy who asks you on a date, meets you, but brought along a group of male friends to "see if you're good material for him."
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