17 Disconcertingly Positive Signs Your Ex is Definitely over You ...


The signs your ex is over you can be hard to accept, especially if you're still in love with him or her. Sometimes, broken relationships can get healed … but other times you just have to give up the ghost. It can be hard, but that's why you need to pay attention to all the signs your ex is over you. You don't want to keep trying if he clearly doesn't want to get back with you. There are a number of rather disconcertingly positive signs your ex is definitely over you – and here they are.

1. A New Number

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One of the surest signs your ex is over you is if he changes his number – and doesn't say a word about it or let you in on the new digits. It may mean that he doesn't want to be readily available to you any longer. In this case an ex is generally trying to make a new start.

A Change of Location


what can u do if he is for sure gone
My husband is over me. =(
Anisah Yasrin
I think so hun, I mean it's been 2 years and like you said he's not even the person he used to be. I think it's time for you to get over him and get back into the love game. Thanks for stopping by!
So i have this ex we dated two years ago, although I should be over him, i am, it's just hard when he keeps popping up in my life! Espcially when he's in my classes. Part of me misses him, and part of...
We were together for a few months….We met online + @ first, I wasn’t that into him as he was into me…. But, I kept talking to him, anyways…. We finally went on a date, which, went very well…...
Hi there, Welcome to AWS! Well, since the two of you have obviously shared a close friendship in the past, I'm sure that you also understand each other well. Just be honest with him and tell him that ...
So I was trying to look for an advice section and you ladies don't seem to have one...so if this goes out, it goes out. My Ex & I were in a relationship on & off for 2 1/2 years. There was a...
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