9 Disney Inspired Dates to Go on ...


Disney movies have shaped our expectations of relationships, because the couples in them are always so darn adorable. Well, you don't have to spend your days wishing your boyfriend acted more like Prince Charming, because you can go out on dates with him that'll make you feel like you're the prettiest princess in all the land. Here are some of the cutest ideas for Disney inspired dates:

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Lady and the Tramp

The most memorable scene in Lady and the Tramp is when the two pups share spaghetti together. While you don't have to eat that dish specifically, you can go to a fancy Italian restaurant to share a meal. If you're a good chef, then you could cook the meal together at home. Of course, if you'd rather go on a date that doubles as volunteer work, help pups like Lady and the Tramp by going to shelters.



Mulan can beat any man in a fight. In honor of her, take kickboxing classes with your boyfriend. Or, if he's already a pro at fighting, he could teach you some self-defense moves on his own. Of course, all of you lazy couples can settle for playing a fighting game on your Xbox.


The Little Mermaid

If you love the water, go scuba diving together to see what knickknacks you can find under the sea. If you're scared of the water, then you could always go on a romantic canoe ride where you won't have to get a drop of water on you.



Have you always dreamt of flying on a magical carpet? Well, you can come close by taking a hot air balloon ride with your boyfriend. A professional will join you in the basket, so there's no need to be scared. Of course, if you're afraid of heights, stargazing from the ground will be equally romantic.


Beauty and the Beast

Put on the Tale as Old as Time and start dancing. If you don't know how, enroll in ballroom dancing classes. It's good practice for when you two eventually get married. If you don't feel like leaving the house, you can play Just Dance on the Wii.


The Princess and the Frog

Go to a jazz club to enjoy some music. However, if you just aren't a fan of that type of music, go to a karaoke bar in order to sing to the crowd. Sure, you'll make a fool of yourself, but you'll be doing it alongside your favorite man.



Don't you wish you were amazing at archery? Well, you can practice by enrolling in some classes. It's a fun activity that you and your boyfriend can brag about at parties.



You don't have to force your boyfriend to wear a loincloth, but you can have fun hiking together. Find a location that has a beautiful waterfall or cluster of trees that you could admire. The more beautiful, the better.



Wall-E can make you start thinking about space and about what other creatures the world holds. If you're curious about what else is out there, go to a planetarium to learn more about the universe. It'll be a fun learning experience.

When all else fails, put on a Disney movie and cuddle on the couch with your partner. What other Disney inspired dates would you like to go on?

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