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Does Long Distance Love Last?

By Holly

Any serious relationship will have its difficulties. However, when you're living miles away from your partner, it'll be even harder for you two to stay together. After all, it'll be impossible for you to kiss and hug. You won't even be able to look at each other without a computer screen to help you out. That means you need to have unshakable trust in each other, and an extreme amount of love.

BuzzFeed knows that long distance couples have it hard. When a pair of high school sweethearts, Isobel and Adam, spoke about being separated by distance now that he has graduated, things got emotional. That's why their conversation was recorded for all of us to hear. It really puts things in perspective.

Even if your relationship doesn't last, you should still be happy for those special moments you've spent together. Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? How long did it last?

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