Does Love Only Exist in the Movies ?


Does Love Only Exist in the Movies ?
Does Love Only Exist in the Movies ?

Ever asked yourself does love only exist in the movies? Do you sometimes sit at home and wonder if the right person is out there for you? Do you feel like giving up on dating including the dating sites? If your answer was yes to my questions then you are not alone. I have always wondered if I will ever find my soulmate, my spouse, my companion, my lover and all I get in return after blind dates and dating sites etc. is disappointment.

I'm a hard worker! I'm a single mom and I work at a warehouse working 10 hours on my feet. I come home and take care of my kids by myself so it's like I'm playing mom and dad. Sometimes mommies need a bit of a break and I know that some of you moms can relate. I sometimes feel like I am only existing in this world and not living. I watch my friends, my siblings, and close loved ones all enjoy being in the company of a husband or boyfriend and me, nothing. I have tried to stay positive. I have even reevaluated myself to see what the issue is with me not being able or capable to keep a man.

I have never been the jealous type, but it seems as if lately I have been growing tired of being happy for everyone else. I love seeing people prosper in life, but sometimes when your life isn't going the way you planned or you feel like the universe is against you, it is hard or difficult to be happy for others. I don't know what is wrong with me. I am a nice female. I cover up, what I mean by cover-up is I actually wear clothes. I don't show a lot of skin when I'm out in public. I carry myself as a young lady, a role model for younger females who are watching these reality shows and getting the wrong idea of how a woman should present herself in the public eye.

Sometimes I think maybe I'm wearing too many clothes because it seems like the trend now is less is more, and I'm not talking about makeup. The men these days are so shallow. It's like they expect you to look just like those females that they see on TV. News flash for those shallow men, there are still some real females left. What I mean by real is we cover up, we're not begging for attention, we are real from head to toe. We have real hair, a clean face, and real curves, none of that plastic stuff or heavy makeup to the point you can't tell if we're a man or a woman. Real females do still exist.

To all my females who are having the same problem as me, keep your head held high. Don't take your clothes off just to impress, because how you present yourself in the public eye is what you're going to receive in return, if you know what I mean. I'd rather be single than to be in a relationship with some jerk that only wants me for my body. So if you're in the same situation as me or close and you happen to be Daddy and Mommy, continue to be Daddy and Mommy until the right man comes into your life. Hold your head high, maintain your confidence, remain strong and independent.

I truly feel like the man that is meant for you will like that you are strong, confident, and independent. Much love to all my natural independent divas!

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There's nothing wrong with you. Be patient, love your children, focus on loving your life as much as you can. I was a single mom working full time (also in a warehouse!) and and now my life is completely different. Everything can change so quickly. Be proud of yourself, raising a child while working full time is hard, doing it on your own is harder. You're a strong woman and the right person is just waiting for the right moment to find you.

I am exactly what this article is talking about! Funny enough,i also work in a warehouse.! I thought i was alone.

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