2. That You’re on Your Period

If you get moody during a certain time of the month, don't be afraid to tell your boyfriend that it's your period's fault. He knows that all women menstruate, and if he's grossed out by the idea, then he's not mature enough to be dating you. If you're sexually active, then it's extra important to tell your boyfriend when you're on your period. That way, he won't try to initiate anything. Plus, he'll be relieved that you've gone another month without getting pregnant.

That You Don't like the Movie He Picked


Nikki Owen
Please, I'm begging. Tell me these things!
Katya Pacheco
I'm going to make you feel like you are a person who you can make your own personal relationship with your self and your relationship become a personal choice to make your own self better than a person that makes you feel so sorry for someone gross:0
Maria Bringeland
True! 😊
peony blue
@ritchie v fair enough but too much information still!
Ritchie V
I was just agreeing with Angela
peony blue
Sex life not sexy life yikes!
peony blue
@ritchie v I did miss you until you managed to give way too much info on your sexy life. We don't really need to know everything about that and I am not being prudish I am just saying...
Ritchie V
I have had sex during a womans period, not fun.
Ritchie V
@Peony moany oh hello, u missed me?
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