3. That You Don't like the Movie He Picked

If you don't like the movie your boyfriend picked or the television show he put on, don't be afraid to tell him. You shouldn't be rude about it. Just don't pretend to be entertained when you're bored to tears. If you lie about loving the film, then he's going to make you watch more films like it in the future. It pays to be honest.

That You're a Virgin


Very useful advises ))
@Ritchie it is slang I'm from Califonia
Reema Ahmed
true πŸ‘πŸ»
Ritchie V
Man not Boy
Very important to be honest with your boy
I love how you ended point number two lol
Ritchie V
peony blue
I have never had a problem with most of those such is life if you don't communicate then they don't know!
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