4. That You're a Virgin

If you're a virgin, or if you've never been kissed, it's important for your boyfriend to know it. It's not going to make him like you any less. If anything, it will make him feel special, because he's going to be the first boy to touch you.

That You Need Help


My man calls point #2 being in season lol.. He knows before I do when I'm due lol.
Very useful advises ))
@Ritchie it is slang I'm from Califonia
Reema Ahmed
true 👍🏻
Ritchie V
Man not Boy
Very important to be honest with your boy
I love how you ended point number two lol
Ritchie V
peony blue
I have never had a problem with most of those such is life if you don't communicate then they don't know!
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