Don't Knock It 'Till You Try It - the Truth about Couples Therapy ...

Couples therapy sounds intimidating. People tend to think of it as the last ditch effort to save a relationship. It also sounds like the place where big fights occur. But neither of those statements are completely true. Let’s clear up some misconceptions about couples therapy.

1. Your Relationship Doesn’t Have to Be in Trouble in Order to Go to Therapy

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I recently read an article about Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard that was very interesting. In the article, Kristen talks about how they’re devoted to couples therapy and it’s not because they’re in crisis mode. They believe it’s best for their relationship and she makes a good point. Couples therapy is for anyone. Some people go because their relationship is on the rocks, but others go because they’ve hit a minor bump or for prevention of problems occurring, like Bell and Shepard.

2. It’s a Place You Can Be Real and Share Your Heart

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One beautiful thing about couples therapy is that it’s a place you can be real with one another. The goal is to share your hearts and reach understanding. Sometimes you don’t always do that in relationships. It’s easy to hide your feelings because you’re afraid of confrontation. You might be afraid of sharing your heart because you don’t want to be that vulnerable. Couples therapy makes it easier for both of those things to take place.

3. Your Therapist Can Help You by Playing Mediator

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Your therapist is your friend. They can help you navigate the rough waters of your relationship. It’s almost as if they hold up a caution light when things become heated. They can help you redirect your conversations and find common ground. One of the biggest parts of your therapist’s job is to be your mediator.

4. You’ll Learn Skills on How to Communicate in a Healthy Way

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One of the best parts of couples therapy is learning how to communicate in a healthy way. Your therapist’s goal is to teach you the skills you need so that your relationship can be at its best. Learning better ways to communicate is always a good idea. Many times the problems that occur in relationships are from misunderstandings in communication. Learning to communicate better could practically eliminate that.

5. Your Therapist Can Diagnose Problem Areas in Your Relationship

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You might be in a situation where the same issue keeps coming up. It never seems to be resolved. Your therapist could be of great help here. They have the unique perspective of an outsider coupled with the knowledge of a professional. They deal with situations like yours every day so they can cut right to the heart of it.

6. Every Couple Has Different Needs from Therapy

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Every couple is unique and every couple’s issues are unique. You may not be going to therapy for the same reason as the couple before you and that’s okay. Concern yourself less with the reasons other people go to couple’s therapy and concentrate on your own relationship. Don’t let therapy make you feel like your relationship is doomed. Choose to view it as something healthy you’re doing for the future of your relationship.

7. You Could Actually End up Loving Couples Therapy

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Couples therapy could end up being the highlight of your week. It could be a time when you really connect with one another. It’s true that some upsetting issues may have to be addressed, but that could help you emerge as a stronger couple. That’s a goal that every couple wants to reach. Couples therapy could be a wonderful thing for you.

These are 7 truths about couples therapy. Have you ever considered this for your relationship? You’re welcome to share your thoughts.

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