Don't Let Sex Get Stale - 7 Sizzling Secrets for Couples Who Have Been Together Forever ...

Just because you’ve been together forever doesn’t mean that sex has to get stale. Sex can still be exciting and enjoyable years into a relationship. In fact, in certain ways, it can get better with time. But if you’ve hit a rut and feel like you need to spice things up, here’re some sizzling secrets for you to try.

1. Get a Room… Literally

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How long has it been since you went away together, just the two of you? It can be very difficult to get away and be alone, especially after you have children. But this’s so important to your relationship, both in the bedroom and out of it. Changing up the location of where you’re having sex can certainly spice things up. You’ll come home thinking that it’s amazing what a change in scenery can do.

2. Slow It down

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The longer you’re together, the shorter amount of time you typically spend on foreplay. Don’t let that be true of you. Slow things down and take your time. Don’t let foreplay be forgotten about or rushed just because you’re so familiar with each other’s bodies. Getting there is half the fun, right?

3. Talk about It

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It’s actually good to discuss your sex life. Yes, it’s sexy but it’s also helpful. You may be more comfortable talking about it when you’re in the bedroom and that’s okay. But you should share what you do and don’t like with your partner. It’s okay to express what you’d like more of. It’s also good to ask your partner to express their thoughts, too.

4. Play His Night, Her Night

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This’s a fun little game where everybody wins. Take turns making sex all about the other person. Have a night where it’s all about your partner and then a night when it’s all about you. On your night, you get to choose what you do, where you do it and how. The same happens for your partner when it’s their turn. It definitely adds some sizzle to your sex life.

5. Role-play

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Getting creative in the bedroom can be fun. If role-play is something you think you’d enjoy then talk to your partner about it. It could be that they’ve always wanted to try this, too. Costumes and role-play can bring some new excitement to your sex life. This may not be for everyone and that’s okay. You should never do something that you’re uncomfortable with.

6. Make Some Noise

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You don’t have to be noisy; that may not fit your personality. But it’s good to let him know what you like. Telling him what you enjoy is a good thing. It’s also something that he may find as a turn on. It can add some new elements of fun to your sex life.

7. Take a Walk down Memory Lane

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Thinking back on your life together as a couple can make you feel attracted to one another all over again. Remembering your first time together or other special sexual encounters can make you want to create new memories together. Those special memories are one of the wonderful things about being in a long-term relationship. Not only can they make sex sizzle again but they can make you feel closer as a couple. That, in turn, can be sexually enticing.

These’re 7 ways to make sex sizzle again. Have you ever felt like your sex life got dull or boring? Your comments are always welcome.

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